Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nothing but Fun!

Well, it's been nothing but fun this week! My kids have Fall Break (why didn't I get this when I was a kid?), so we've had the whole week together. It's been a blast! Saturday afternoon was our mother-daughter group outing at the Bead Gallery! Lovely necklaces and bracelets were made by all the girls! So fun to see their personalities come out in the way they designed and made their creations!

Monday, my husband was off from work, so we got a great family day! What do funny shoes and a funky smell you can't quite identify make you think of???? Yes, that's right, we went bowling! Luckily for me, we put the bumpers up, for the kids, of course! My score improved significantly! Then we got to see G-Force which was pretty cute, even for those of us who don't particularly enjoy guinea pigs!

Tuesday was mommy-Anna day, and we had a great time. Drinks at Starbucks to start the day right, followed by the mall with visits to Build-a-Bear, Claire's, Bath & Body Works, and Borders. Next, lunch out and a trip to our great local toy store. My daughter literally could spend the entire day in there. They have playmobil sets, Calico Critters, every baby doll made, a great train set, and lots of games....the list for Santa grew and grew! Then we went to have tea-Berry Bunch for her, and Coconut Vanilla for mom! We chatted and relaxed and giggled! Then a stop at Pottery Barn for Kids (another favorite spot), where we played restaurant, cleaned the house, and did some puzzles! Off to dinner at PF Chang's (my daughter's choice, I swear)! Before returning home, we did have to make one last stop at Gymboree! A few outfits later, we were out the door! All and all a great day with my daughter! I can't wait for the next one!

Wednesday, not quite as fun, it was laundry catch up day. The pile was almost as tall as me. But, a certain package on my doorstep sure did cheer me up! My winnings from Sweetwater! Yeah!!!! It was like having a birthday without having to get older! A beautiful layer cake of their new line "Make Life", which is so cute. The pictures just don't do it justice! Now, I get to figure out what I'm going to make with it!

We've also stayed busy baking and turning siblings into mummies! What else would we be doing?

Today, I'm staring at my very empty suitcase, and trying to get ready for my trip to San Francisco! I leave tomorrow evening, and am not fact, totally unprepared! I going to run the Nike Women's Marathon on Sunday, so keep your fingers crossed for no rain, please! I'll let you know how it goes! My mom is joining me, and I'm looking forward to a wonderful long weekend in such a fun city. Our itinerary is full of great restaurants to visit, places to go, and, of course, the shopping we want to do!

Better get back to that suitcase! Have a great week out there!

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