Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Better late than never-September Finishes!

Well, here I am again! No posts for two weeks, and now 2 posts in one evening!

I started the month off with a bang and had finished my shams and pieced the blocks for one Schnibble by the end of the first weekend. Somehow, other "stuff" just seemed to get in the way! Perhaps I was a little over-ambitious with my goals, too.

Okay, well here are the shams for my bedroom redo. I'm still waiting for the quilts from my miracle worker quilter, but I think they are going to look great. Will post pics...I 2 week delays!

Next, I worked on and finished the Schnibble of the Month which was the Winter White Schnibble pattern from Miss Rosie's Quilt Co made with Aviary fabrics! Love it and all that it now means (see post below for more on that!)

Then, I finally finished up my other Schnibble project. Literally, I just turned the sewing machine off and took the picture of this one! Nothing like the last minute, right? It is the Imagine pattern made with Peace on Earth fabrics.

My Gobble Gobble quilt is still waiting in a plastic bag for me, maybe next month, I mean tomorrow, I'll get around to that! We'll see, no one holding their breath out there, right?

Anyway, it's been fun and I probably got way more done thanks to this group than I ever would have finished on my own. So, thanks and can't wait to see what October brings!


  1. They are beautiful! Do you make all of these qiults for display in your home or do you sell them? You are so amazingly talented!

  2. Your shams are lovely, and your 2 Schnibbles are so pretty. Way to Sew!