Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Charming Girls Tag

Okay, I'm it, and I"m very behind! Somehow the business of school, gymnastics, music lessons, sick kids, upcoming birthdays, volunteering, and other general mom stuff has gotten in my way of sewing and blogging this month! I was off to a pretty good start, but the sewing machine has been very quiet and still the past few days. I have high hopes, though, for the weekend, and remain optimistic that my projects will somehow get finished over the next two weeks! By the way, can you believe September is half over already! Yikes! The store today was covered in Halloween stuff! Doubles Yikes!

Anyway, back to the Charming Girls September tag. Here goes:

1. As for the name of that little darling, I was thinking of "Gumdrops". Somehow the color and size of the pieces, just remind me of gumdrops. Maybe I'm just hungry right now...but I think it works!

2. Christy just kidding...not normally anyway. How about Creative instead. I love being creative whether it be with fabric, or photos, or redecorating the house, or kids parties, or whatever.
H-helpful. I like to help others out, and always manage to sign up for everything!
R-retarded. I can walk into a room and forget why I'm there. I can lose my own keys in my own purse. I can put cottage cheese away in the cabinet and put the fork in the refrigerator!
I-Independent. I love my alone time, even though it's very rare these days. I like doing things for and by myself.
S-Sweet-tooth. I love sweets. I love chocolate. I love ice cream. I love cookies and brownies. I love candy. You get the idea.
T-Tempted. I am constantly tempted by new quilts I want to make, new projects I want to start, new recipes I want to cook, new books I want to read. If only there were more hours in the day!
Y-Yearning. I am yearning for one of those darling Lisa Leonard necklaces, a massage, the new French General fabrics, a pedicure (you have no idea how badly I need one), and a truffle while we're at it!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm off to start dinner, and get to gymnastics, and then collapse into bed! But doesn't the idea of a day of sewing somehow pull us all through!


  1. I've enjoyed reading your answers. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Christy-
    Adam told me about your quilting blog! I am so excited to follow it! You are so talented with quilting, I know I will gain some inspiration seeing all of your projects. I love to blog too and have a family blog and a photography blog, it is such a good way to journal life and share it with family and friends! Looking forward to more of your posts!

    Becki (from the YMCA)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing on the tag Christy. I so enjoyed getting to learn a little more about you, and I love the name, too. I hope things have slowed down a bit, and that you've gotten some time to sew. Your projects for September are so pretty -- hoping to get to see a finish or two.