Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Schnibble of the Month

So, I've been gone for too long! We had the "blue screen of death" as my husband called it on our computer last week. A trip to Best Buy and a very large purchase later, we have a new computer! I'm figuring things out...and so far so good...knock on wood!

Did September fly by for anyone else out there? I can't believe it's the last night of the month. Nothing like waiting to the last minute to post my Schnibble of the Month picture, huh? Truth be known I didn't finish it until last night while watching the Rockies (finally) win their game! Anyway, drum roll it is....

It is the gorgeous Winter White Schnibble pattern by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. done with the Aviary fabric by 3 Sisters. I love it! My office is done in 3 Sisters pastel prints, with green paint, and this will be perfect hanging on the wall! I have to admit, I tried to hurry with this one as the deadline seemed to be approaching much too quickly. I tried to get by without trimming up my flying geese blocks. Mistake, big mistake, huge mistake...have I mentioned I hate my seam ripper. I tried to piece the blocks together and couldn't stand it! Everything was turning out so wonky I wanted to scream. So, out came the seam ripper, and everything was redone. I feel much better about it now.

The kids and I decided this was a perfect example of mom not practicing what she was preaching. I always tell them to do their very best the first time, so they can avoid all the do-overs. Well, nothing like a little hypocrisy to add to my mothering skills! Oh well! I think in the end it was good for all of us. We all got to see the wisdom of my words, AND the fact that everyone, even mom, makes mistakes! We've had a few good laughs about it, and realized that this quilt hanging in the office will be our constant reminder to do our best and take our time with the things that are important to us!

With that bit of life lesson, I think I'll go pack some lunches for tomorrow! I'm toast! Happy October everyone, and may you do your very best (at least most of the time!).

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  1. Your Winter White is beautiful. I love your fabric choice. I did mine with mostly Glace. Thought I would not make it, as I had to order more fabric online. But it's up on my blog.