Friday, September 4, 2009

From Mania to Addiction...and a little giveaway!

So, would it be totally freaky if I went from never doing a BOM to doing 6 at one time! It seems I'm developing a brand new addiction, which, by the way, I really don't need. I already have an unhealthy relationship with Starbucks, Diet Coke, ice cream, fabric (come on, who doesn't?), Sportscenter, seems the list could go on and on. And, yet here I am on the verge of another, and I'm ready to plunge!

I already adore the Fat Quarter Shop and drool on their website regularly. Then, they started blogging about their BOM's, and now I'm really hooked. I started with the Designer Block of the Month that they were doing mostly because the Glace fabric is so gorgeous I just couldn't help myself! Then, over the past week or so, they've been blogging about all their fabulous BOM's, and, catch this, giveaways also!!!! It's like a slice of heaven with a scoop of ice cream on top (did I mention my problem with ice cream already?)

Anyway, I decided perhaps given the enticement I could do one more BOM. Now, the conundrum, which is going to be the second one. I like them all! I want them all! Am I starting to sound like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka? First it was the Pennsylvania Dutch BOM with Wiscasset, then Green Piece, then Robyn Pandolph's Bespoke Blooms, well, now look what they've come up with-

The Civil War Tribute which is spectacular

And, then today, look what I found

The Fig Tree Club, which is so difficult to resist my fingers trembled when I minimized the screen!

Can you stand all the loveliness?

So, here's the question, do I hold out with my one BOM (I can already see you shaking your head, right?), or do I take a another leap...

Go take a peek, check out all the wonderful options, enter the giveaways for heaven's sake, and then come back over and tell me which second BOM I should join. And, no, my husband has already informed me that all of them is not an option (phooey!!!).

Now, since I'm desperate for some blogging love (comments, followers, anything!!!) I'm going to do a little giveaway of my own. Leave me a comment telling me which is your favorite BOM, and I'll enter your name once in my drawing. Blog about me and my BOM dilemna, and I enter you 5 times! I'll leave this open until next Friday, the 11th of September, and I'll anounce the winner on Saturday! What is the giveaway you ask? How about a hint...Moda precuts!

Well, off I go to indulge in my other addictions...I hear a diet coke calling my name...

Have a wonderful and very safe Labor Day weekend!


  1. I love FQS Designer Mystery of the Month #1 and #2. Looking forward very much to starting the Fig Tree Club as well...

  2. Hi...I just received my first Civil War tribute quilt block of the month yesterday...gorgeous fabrics and I'm excited about this quilt. Are you aware of any blogs specifically on this quilt? Have you signed up for it? Thanks for the info.